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Donald D. Nuwey, D.D.S.

Visalia, CA

Patient Testimonials

Awesome staff amazing dentist totally loved it!!! Thank you all.

Everyone in the office was very nice. No issues.

Really the most fun and professional treatment I have ever experienced in at the dentist

The lady sitting in waiting room with my husband was saying how unhappy she was with dr. I and my husband was made to feel very comfortable and we loved the staff and the Dr.

Dr. Nuwey is an excellent endodontist. His staff is very professional and friendly.

Dr Nuwey was not only nice, but took the time to really take care of my husband and his root canal. His tooth contained 5 root's which made numbing it challenging, but Dr. Nuwey was patient and was able to achieve the outcome needed. I would definitely recommend this office from the moment you walk in the door with the friendly and excellent staff to the root canal, and afterwards (still no problem with the tooth and pain is gone). Thanks!